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fifteen media works with small businesses and PR firms to get the media attention they deserve.


What We Do

fifteen media provides the tools small businesses and PR firms need to strengthen their pitching skills.


Our be your own publicist workshops are designed to help entrepreneurs get media attention without hiring an expensive PR firm.

Online Course

Our new online course, DIY PR 101: A step-by-step guide to landing media placements, is designed to be a crash course for small businesses who want to land local and national media coverage.

Tool Kits

Anyone can be their own publicist. All you need are the right tools. With our pitch templates and media lists, you'll have everything you need to pitch your business to the media.

What is PR and why is it important for my business? 

PR is probably one of those buzzwords that you know is important to your business, but you might not always know what it means. Public Relations essentially means that you reach out to media outlets and see if they are interested in covering your brand or products.

You get exposure to a new audience, but even more important, it adds credibility to what you do. It’s basically a non-biased 3rd party vouching for you. So not only will potential customers learn about your business, they’ll also trust you more too.

Can I do my own PR? 

I truly believe anyone can be their own publicist. There’s a certain finesse to PR, but that can be learned--and I’m here to help with that. PR takes time and a little trust in the process, but no more than any other promotional avenue. Social media, for example, asks that you post every day, respond 24/7, and stay constantly plugged in.

PR needs just a couple hours a week. Plus, for PR, you can use the skills you already have. Sending a pitch is essentially just writing an email, and finding media contacts is just doing a little research on Google. PR is totally within reach for most entrepreneurs and their teams.

DIY PR 101: A step by step guide to landing media placements

Are you ready to take PR into your own hands? Our new four-week online course provides the tools you need to land the media coverage your small business deserves. With how-tos on coming up with story ideas, finding media contacts, and sending a pitch, you'll finish this course with the confidence to get the word out about your business.


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