DIY PR 101

A Step-By-Step Guide to Landing Media Placements


Introducing an online course from fifteen media that gives small business owners the tools and confidence to land media placements and get the attention their business deserves.


On average, a publicist costs around $1500 per month. As a small business, there may not be any room in the budget for this kind of expense. 

Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars per month to hire a PR firm, why not take media outreach into your own hands? While it may sound intimidating at first, pitching yourself to the media is a learned skill that anyone can pick up.

All you need are the right tools. 

That’s why I’ve created the DIY PR 101 course. In this online course, I’m providing all of the steps you need to take to be your own publicist. We’ll go over why PR is important for your business, how to find media contacts, and exactly what to say in your pitch to national and local media outlets using the tried and true pitch templates I’ve been using throughout my 10-year career in PR. By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence to reach out to the media and land placements using a few simple steps.

The best part is, you can get all of this valuable information for under $300*.

The online course takes place over four weeks, with content broken down into bite size sections that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes a week. In the time that it takes you to scroll through Instagram, watch an episode of your favorite Netflix show, or sift through your inbox, you could be learning how to score media attention for your business.

Join us on September 23rd to get started! 

*This is an introductory rate. Rates will go up after we continue to offer this course.



Here’s what you’ll learn in the DIY PR online course:



Week 1 

  • Intro

  • What is PR and why is it important for your business 

  • Are you Ready for PR: The Ultimate PR checklist 

We will use this week for all the prep work to make sure you have all the tools necessary before actually reaching out to the media. We will talk about what PR is and why is it important to your business. Then I will share with you the ultimate PR checklist. 

Week 2 

  • Step 1: How to Find Killer Story Ideas 

  • Step 2: Find the Media Contacts 

We will go through a checklist of places to look for timely story ideas to pitch the media, so you never run out of things to pitch. There will be an exercise where you can come up ideas for the next 12 months, so you always know what you are going to pitch.  

The next step to pitching the media is figuring out who to pitch. This section will give you all the tips and tricks to finding media contact information at both national and local media outlets. I will tell you how I find the media outlets that I pitch. We will also talk about different kinds of outlets, such as Broadcast vs. Print. In addition, we will talk about when you should be pitching different kinds of outlets. 

I have also included a media cheat sheet format with the contact formula at most major national online and print publications. 

Week 3 

  • Step 3: Writing the Perfect Pitch 

  • Step 4: Follow Up 

Once you figure out what story idea you want to send the media and who you are going to send it to, the next step is actually writing the pitch. I am going to give you multiple pitch templates to plug in all your information. 

Then, we are going to talk about following up and what to do if the media isn’t responding. We all wish the media would respond the first time we sent out a pitch. However, that isn’t always the case. The key is consistency and pitching constantly to get the media results you want. 

Week 4 

  • Step 5: Acing Media Interviews 

  • Odds & Ends 

  • Conclusion 

The goal is to become a resource for the media. You want to be easy to work with so the media asks you over and over again to be a resource for them. I will give you tips on how to do that in this section.

"Without Fifteen Media, my small company's budget would not have allowed me to contract a traditional public relations firm. I'm thankful Rebekah has created an alternative that is greatly needed for a small business."

Sandra Foreman
Founder, The Spa in Me

"Hi Rebekah! I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your expertise in the Holiday Gift Guide webinar. After taking your webinar, I was able to land my products in both Traditional Home and Southern Living magazines for Nov/Dec! For a small business like mine, this is huge and I would not have known where to even start without your course!"

Ashley Pinchev
Founder, Worthington Corners

"In the workshop, Rebekah gave invaluable information on how to self-promote small businesses. As an artist & educator, I was taught in college how to create & teach. I was NOT taught how to be a businesswoman. The DIY PR workshop taught me tools to have a successful business."

Amy Fogg
Artist, Amy Fogg Art

About Rebekah:

Rebekah is a publicist, creative entrepreneur, and the founder of fifteen media. 

With nearly 10 years of freelance experience in public relations, she has worked with over 50+ PR firms around the country to help them get more media placements for their clients. Her clients have been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Fortune, Refinery29, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Health, Women's Health,, and more. 

With the belief that anyone can pitch their business with the right tools and resources, Rebekah has taken all of her PR experience and boiled it down to 4 easy steps to help entrepreneurs get the media attention they deserve. 

Rebekah has been featured in Fast,, Huffington Post,, Austin Business Journal and Austin Woman Magazine. 


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